Wired.com just updated 3 Coupon code and 17 Deals. But apply every patch you can, and keep Bluetooth off when you're not using it. "With security everything is kind of like the flavor of the week," Webroot's Dufour says. "So this week it's Bluetooth."

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How to Turn On a Gene | WIRED

2 days ago How to Turn On a Gene A California biotech company has a technology that seems like a killer app for gene therapy: It can turn any gene on or off. In some ways it really is a killer app.

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How To Stop Using Up All of Your Mobile Data Each - WIRED

6 days ago If you're on iOS, first turn off Wi-Fi assist. This feature automatically switches your phone to a cellular data connection when your Wi-Fi connection is poor. Your apps might also be updating

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Turn Off Your Push Notifications. All of Them | WIRED

5 days ago Turn off notifications on all the social apps, the shopping apps, the fitness apps, the notifications from Netflix, Spotify, and Kindle. If you want to leave texting, phone calls, and WhatsApp

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80% OFF • Walmart promo codes for February 2020 | WIRED

2 days ago Take your natural beauty to a whole new level with up to 70% off the best selection of name-brand makeup, skincare, bath & body, fragrances, styling tools, and more. Using a Walmart discount code

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How to Stop Google From Tracking Your Location | WIRED

8 days ago To actually turn off location tracking, Google says you have to navigate to a setting buried deep in your Google Account called Web & App Activity, which is set by default to share your

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Furbo Dog Camera Review: Remotely Amuse Your Pets | WIRED

5 days ago Sitting a foot off the ground, it can fling treats up to around eight feet away. I caught my spouse using a second tester Furbo to hurl Cheerios for my infant to chase, and it did pretty well on

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'Stranger Things' Is Based on a True Story. Kinda | WIRED

6 days ago The WIRED conversation illuminates how technology is changing every aspect of our lives—from culture to business, science to design. The breakthroughs and innovations that we uncover lead to new

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How To Stop Your Smart TV From Spying on You | WIRED

5 days ago If you have one of those Live Plus models, go to Options, then Live Plus, and switch it off.. Samsung. Samsung does ask for your consent to track your viewing behavior when you first turn it on

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How to Prep Your Phone for International Travel | WIRED

5 days ago How to Prep Your Phone for International Travel. Getty Images. Just toggle off cellular data or leave your phone in airplane mode from the moment you board the plane. Then,

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Vizio E-Series TV Review: Good 4K TVs Can Be - WIRED

5 days ago Usually, you can turn off the effect, but none of Vizio’s default picture-enhancing features seem to harm the quality much. The Calibrated mode in settings gave my 65-inch E-Series very nice

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Closing All Apps to Save Your Battery Only Makes - WIRED

5 days ago Turn off background refresh for apps. Use Low Power Mode in iOS, or enable Doze on Android. Turn off location sharing for apps that don't need it (which is a good idea regardless).

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The Wacky Physics of Firing a Ball Out of a Moving Cart

5 days ago The Wacky Physics of Firing a Ball Out of a Moving Cart. Getty Images. One of the many awesome things about physics is you can study it anywhere. I’ll prove it with a fun problem that involves a

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25% OFF • Groupon promo codes & coupons | WIRED

2 days ago . 25% off your first purchase after you subscribe.. Free shipping on orders of at least $35 on a product or make use of an eligible free-shipping Groupon coupon code.. Referrals: Refer a friend

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The Windows 10 Security Settings You Need to Know | WIRED

5 days ago The Windows 10 Security Settings You Need to Know. Microsoft. You can turn this off by clicking on the ellipsis button in the top right corner of Edge, then go to Settings > Advanced Settings

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Where to Put Your Router For the Best Possible - WIRED

5 days ago WIRED Staff The Best Presidents' Day Sales. More gear. Hands On. LG's V60 ThinQ Is a Big Phone With a Removable Second Screen. Author: Julian Chokkattu Julian Chokkattu. Turned On.

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Keeping Your Laptop Plugged in All the Time Will - WIRED

5 days ago Laptops are our indispensable lifeline to the majesty that is the Internet. We use them to work and play from anywhere in the world. But if you’re like most people, you probably keep yours

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Turn Off Your Smartphone Camera's GPS to Protect - WIRED

9 days ago There you can flip the master switch to turn Location Services on or off entirely. If you'd prefer to keep these on – as you would if use map, navigation, or compass apps – scroll down and

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20% off • Office Depot & OfficeMax coupons

2 days ago Breakroom items are now 20% off when you shop online and apply this Office Depot coupon to your order. Discover the latest office essentials f Breakroom items are now 20% off when you shop

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Car Scratch Removal Test: 3M, Turtle Wax, Meguiar - WIRED

8 days ago I wiped off the excess paint, leaving behind a slightly obvious smear, but figured I could fix that later. It was the same story with the clear coat. It just wouldn't sink into the scratch

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