Ocbc.com just updated 0 Coupon code and 10 Deals. the world or set-off or transfer any sum standing in one or more of such accounts towards the satisfaction of the Secured Obligations; and (7) in the event that any of the Depositor's creditors should seek to attach any one or more of the Deposits by any proceedings or otherwise or in the event that a receiver, manager, judicial manager

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2 days ago prejudice to and in addition to any right of set-off, combination of accounts, lien or other right to . OCBC Legal / Jun 2017 (DIRECT) 4 which it is at any time otherwise entitled (whether by operation of law, contract or otherwise). 10. (a) The security hereby created shall be a continuing security notwithstanding any

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2 days ago consolidation, combination, set-off or other right to which the Bank may be entitled under this Agreement, any other agreement, at law, in equity or otherwise and may (upon such liabilities becoming due) debit the whole or any part of such liabilities against the Deposits. 5.

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Transaction fees and cut-off times - OCBC Bank

2 days ago Information updated as of 4 May 2015. The fees, charges and cut-off times are subject to change from time to time. For all other currencies, transactions received before cut-off time of 4:30pm will be processed same day for next day value. Please refer to table of Cut-Off Times for the various types of currencies 31 Transaction fees and cut-off

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Frequently Asked Questions

2 days ago system will auto log the customer off. Th. e information that you have not submitted or saved will no longer kept on Velocity. The change of the user Please fill the , and signed or stamped the same as the . And send the original form to the opening bank.

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2 days ago your right of counter-claim or set off against us. 4.6. Deposits of cheques and other instruments shall not be available for withdrawal until the actual proceeds have been collected by us. 4.7. Cheques deposited by you an d which have been dishonoured may be returned at your risk and

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OCBC 3.75% Subordinated Notes due 2022 Callable in 2017

2 days ago (ii) Set-off and Payment Void No Noteholder or Couponholder may exercise, claim or plead any right of set-off, counterclaim or retention in respect of any amount owed to it by the Issuer arising under or in connection with the Notes or Coupons. Each Noteholder and Couponholder shall, by acceptance of any Note or Coupon, be deemed to have

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A. RESOLVED Appointment of Authorised Persons B. RESOLVED

2 days ago withdrawal, letters or rights of set off, charges over deposit and any other obligations, undertakings, instructions, indemnities, and counter indemnities and any other documents which may be required by the Bank in such form satisfactory to the Bank in connection with

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2 days ago Under Part XIII of the SFA, all off ers of securities and securities-based derivatives contracts, and units of collective investment schemes are required to be made in or accompanied by a prospectus in respect of the off er that is lodged and registered with the MAS and which complies with the prescribed content requirements, unless exempted.

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OCBC Yangon Branch, Myanmar

2 days ago OCBC Yangon Branch, Myanmar . 2.7 The specimen signatures and signing powers of the Customer or its authorised signatories communicated to the Bank in writing shall remain in effect until such time as the Bank receives written revocation of the same from the Customer.

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