just updated 0 Coupon code and 14 Deals. Given the confusion, it makes sense that on a recent Reddit thread, user u/insert-quote-here advocated for taking caps off bottles when recycling, but here’s why that’s a wrong move—by

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The History Of WD-40 Is Stranger Than You Think

2 days ago First off, let me be clear that while, yes, I am talking about WD-40, a commercially available product, I in no way care if you buy it or not. This is not sponsored content, and I have no dog in

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Reddit's Best Tips For Treating Yourself Frugally

2 days ago When you’re working toward a major financial goal, like paying off debt or saving a hefty sum, the general advice is to break that big milestone up into smaller goals. And each time you hit a

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Why You Shouldn't Work Out On An Empty Stomach

2 days ago It might seem like there are perks to exercising on an empty stomach, like burning more fat per workout, but the downsides greatly outweigh the benefits. Here's why you're probably better off

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How To Stop Your Smartphone From Tracking Your Fitness

2 days ago Almost all smartphones now have some form of built-in movement tracking, and most collect this data in the background by default. Luckily, turning off your phone’s fitness and activity trackers

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Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Some People More Than Others

2 days ago The spectacle kicks off on Sunday at 2pm AEDT, with the main card's first bell scheduled for approximately 4pm. If you aren't near a suitably-equipped venue with a TV, have no fear — you can

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What Is Windows 10 'S Mode' (And How Do You Remove It

2 days ago 5 Ways Big Supermarkets Rip You Off . Lou Hattersley 22 Feb 2020 12:30 PM. It’s no secret that supermarkets are in a cut-throat business. That's why managers are always looking for ways to

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How Long Can You Keep Chicken In The Fridge? | Lifehacker

2 days ago Of course, exercise some common sense. If the meat has a bad smell or looks off, just chuck it out. Something we didn't cover in detail in the previous post was the treatment of raw or frozen poultry.

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When Is Leasing A Car Better Than Buying? | Lifehacker

2 days ago Dear Lifehacker, My old jalopy is about to die on me yet again, so it’s time for a new car. I’m wondering if I’d be better off leasing my next car instead of buying it.

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How To Remove Super Glue From Practically Anything

2 days ago Super Glue and its off-brand cousins are the next best thing to duct tape when it comes to good-enough repairs, but heaven help you if it spills. Luckily, there's a guide to getting SuperGlue out

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Stop Leaving Your Smartphone's Bluetooth On | Lifehacker

2 days ago Stop Leaving Your Smartphone's Bluetooth On. Emily Price. Sep 17, 2017, 11:00am to pull something like this off, they can get some extra distance when there are other infected devices around

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Ask LH: Why Does My TV Reception Suck At Certain Times Of

2 days ago These are known as "dayburners" and are known to output radio interference due to constantly switching on and off at high frequencies. Lifehacker Australia. TV Reception Suck At Certain

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Five Bad Habits You Should Avoid When Driving Automatic

2 days ago Five Bad Habits You Should Avoid When Driving Automatic Vehicles. Patrick Allan. May 5, 2016, 2:00pm. for #4 This is what I've worked off, and it makes more sense to me to be honest.

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The 10 Most Common Workplace Accidents In Australia

2 days ago The 10 Most Common Workplace Accidents In Australia with 25 per cent of sufferers in the 18-44 age group taking 10 or more days off per year, and costing Australia around $4.8 billion each

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